Relaxing with Magnesium

Foods Rich in Magnesium– to relax the nervous system:

Food / Mg per 100 grammes

Pumpkin seeds 535
Dark chocolate 500
Oats 225
Almonds 180
Cashews 170
White and Black beans 110-135
Halibut 107

Other good sources include spinach and all leafy greens, artichokes and kelp, brewers yeast, treacle, buckwheat, hazelnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, walnuts, millet, rye and tofu, wheatgerm.

I would just give a word of caution about eating too much millet and buckwheat, as these are quite drying grains, which if you eat them regularly will aggravate your Vata dosha, but a little will be fine.

Carolyn Wood

Yoga Glow Studio, Beccles

welcome to wellbeing in Beccles

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