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Michelle Cheesbrough Yoga Glow Studio BecclesMichelle Cheesbrough opened Yoga Glow Studio in the spring of 2012.  Here she tells her story:

After teaching yoga in village halls for 12 years, a long held dream suddenly became a possibility when a student suggested I look at a space available for rent in my home town of Beccles. It was perfect for what I needed, to expand the work I love doing, and to provide a beautiful space for my students to practice yoga.  The dream I nurtured of offering workshops on wider aspects of yoga, bringing in other yoga teachers to offer their expertise and experience, is now a reality.

The Vision at Yoga Glow StudioI was a Registered General nurse for 20 years.  My strong belief in holistic health led me to training, alongside my nursing, to become a complementary practitioner in massage, reflexology and Indian head massage. Having practiced yoga intermittently from the age of 16, my life completely changed direction when I was teaching Indian head massage at a yoga centre in Greece. As I looked deeper into the practice of yoga, I discovered that yoga truly was the holistic health model that I had been searching for, because it includes every aspect of being human and our interaction with each other and the world around us. I could use all the expertise I had gained in nursing and complementary therapies through teaching yoga.

Yoga is linked with natureYoga is intrinsically linked with nature, another one of my passions, and the practices involve the body, mind and spirit through a simple set of universal values and practical techniques.

The practice of yoga completely resonates with me, endlessly fascinates me and it has given me practical tools which continue to help me to make positive changes in my life.

The practice of yoga provides comfort, restoration and release, transforming challenges into joy, growth and creativity through the endless cycles of life.  I have observed how yoga has transformed the lives of others in many curious and interesting ways, like taking control and managing chronic conditions.

(Find out more about therapeutic yoga.)

therapeutic yoga at Yoga Glow Studio BecclesI love that yoga practice can be shaped to what you need at any given time.  If you are recovering from a health issue or an emotional trauma, your yoga practice will be very different from someone who is already fit and in a state of wellbeing.

After many years of training, practice and teaching, exploring the many different styles of yoga, I now teach yoga to whoever is in front of me. I take individual needs into consideration, modifying practices and encouraging people to practice with integrity to their bodies.  I believe each person is unique, we all have a different life story, and yoga can accommodate our needs through all the changing circumstances of our life.

Our yoga space is warm and friendly with a good community spirit.  I hope people trying yoga for the the first time will enjoy the peace and tranquility that this space offers.


Yoga Glow Studio, Beccles

welcome to wellbeing in Beccles

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