Yoga Teacher Pam Byron

Pam Byron – Chair Yoga; Meditation; Relaxation

Pam Byron Yoga Teacher Yoga Glow Studio BecclesI qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 1973, successfully teaching all over East Anglia the practice of yoga, relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation. Giving talks and lectures to Schools, Women’s Institutes, Housewife Registers, MS and ME Organisations, also running Beccles Yoga Group.

After recovering from a serious illness (GBS, an auto-immune condition), during which I was paralysed, I decided to use my experience to help those suffering from poor health, stress, anxiety and physical problems which often lead to lack of self worth and purpose – so CHAIR YOGA was born.

My purpose is not to turn out groups of clones! Each person is an individual with individual needs, entitled to live life to their fullest whatever limitations there may be. I have found that these adapted forms of yoga give great benefits both in reducing the limitations themselves, and in helping people to look beyond the limitations to what is possible.

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