Anne Waters – Meditation and Relaxation.

I’ve practiced yoga myself for many years, and have been one of Michelle’s students since 2010.anne

Over the last few years I have developed an interest in learning more about the physical and mental benefits of meditation and relaxation. As I practiced what I was learning I found a sense of inner calm and self-awareness that helped me to balance the stress of everyday life. I wanted to share this with others, so I enrolled on a Meditation Teacher’s Course with British School of Yoga.

Why a relaxation class?

Most people know when their minds feel stressed – it’s hard to think straight – we forget things – sometimes have trouble sleeping – maybe more likely to get headaches.

But we are often holding stress and tension in our bodies without even realising it – we get used to the way our body feels – and the tension can build up over time, causing physical aches and pains and potentially even more serious health conditions.

So by practicing relaxation we are teaching our bodies how to let go of that tension and allowing our minds to rest and become still. We feel more balanced, calm and peaceful.

Our relaxation class is very informal with the emphasis being on just ‘being yourself’. There is no right or wrong way to relax. We begin with a few minutes of focusing your awareness through your senses – by listening to sounds, body awareness or breathing, followed by a longer deep relaxation through guided visualisation.

This time really is just for you – time to lie down comfortably, let go and relax.

Just come with comfy warm clothes – body temperature tends to drop during relaxation, so it is important to be nice and warm

Mats and blankets are provided, but of course you can bring your own if you like.

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