Yoga for Children

At Yoga Glow Studio we are enthusiastic about the benefits of yoga for children:

Prevention is better than cure!

It’s wonderful to see children glowing with health and vitality after a yoga session. Teaching yoga to children brings so many benefits. At its most beneficial yoga offers children the possibility to grow and blossom into their full potential selves. At the very least it gives children a way of managing challenges and stresses that manifest in daily life, enabling them to make wiser choices. The children themselves are the biggest teachers and through them I am reminded of the joy and simple pleasures that come from being playful in yoga. In recent years I have worked with children and their families, individually for children with developmental problems such as scoliosis and recovering from abuse.  I co-authored a book, Helping Children with Yoga, with Sarah Woodhouse. Sarah has a lifetime of dedicated work with disadvantaged children, including work with the united nations on the rights for children.

The proceeds of this book go to Right From The Start, the children’s charity Sarah runs. I would love to see this course benefiting many more children.



Learn more about Michelle’s book, Helping Children with Yoga, A Guide to Parent’s and Teachers

Helping Children with Yoga: A guide for parents and teachers

Find out about Teacher Training: Children’s Yoga Course for Teachers.


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